Series 1

Muselings test feed – October 13th, 2015

The first series of Muselings consists of eight episodes, each between twelve and thirteen minutes long. They are true stories, confessional and sometimes intimate, and each takes off from an idea or a thought or a question or a memory. They are things that I might previously have written down and hidden in the back of a drawer. Or screwed up and thrown away. You might find one or two of the episodes too confessional. One day I might address my relationship with shame.

A transcript of the Muselings test feed is below.

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Museling 1 – Knocking

Museling 2 – The Crush

Museling 3 – Buzzing

Museling 4 – Control

Museling 5 – Sex Work

Museling 6 – Suicide

Museling 7 – Privilege

Museling 8 – Water Your Herbs

Muselings test feed transcript:

Hello there. My name is Charles Adrian and this is where very soon you’ll be able to find episodes of Muselings, which is my new podcast series. This right here is a kind of test. I just need to know that I can get it out through iTunes. So if you’d like to take a punt on the podcast – because you like the way I sound or because you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to and you don’t much mind which one – you can already subscribe here. The first episode should be coming out very, very soon. In the meantime, you can go to for more information about the podcast itself. That’s Okay, thanks.

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