Museling 15 – Dream Date #3

Museling 15 – April 11th, 2018

The third Dream Date is mostly on ice.

A transcript of this episode is below.

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Episode transcript:

This is Dream Date number 3


It never crossed my mind, when I suggested this, that you might never have been ice skating before. I’m far from proficient myself but, along with roller-skating, skate-boarding, snow-boarding, skiing, sledding, cycling, riding and running, it was just one of the ways of travelling through space that I was introduced to as a rich suburban kid who needed entertainment in the school holidays. It was what we did. We went to the ice rink and drank slush puppies and made cow eyes at each other and talked about slumber parties and, very occasionally, held hands and kissed. I thought it would be entertainingly retro for us to have our first date on skates. But here you are edging your way onto the ice for the first time in your life and you seem awkward and uncertain and definitely ungraceful. I regret the whole thing. It feels horrible. We can find nothing to talk about except how unco-ordinated you feel and how I don’t want you to mind and how we can leave whenever you want.

Afterwards, we walk across Tower Bridge to a pub you know, where you buy me a drink in return for the skating, which I paid for but which, by now, I feel as though I inflicted on you. I wonder why I didn’t make an excuse to head home as soon as we left the rink but then… I don’t remember why… maybe we’re talking about your t-shirt… about the fabric? Because it’s made of really soft cotton… and I reach over and touch it, just where you’ve rolled the sleeve almost to your shoulder. And, suddenly, I feel this deep physical desire for you.

After we’ve said goodbye at the ticket barriers – because you’re going to walk home – I turn to look before I step onto the escalator and you’re still there, waiting for me to go out of sight. And when I get home, I message you through the website to say that I wish I had kissed you. You message back to say you wish you had kissed me too.

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