Museling 24 – Dream Date #12

Museling 24 – April 20th, 2018

The twelfth Dream Date might be a hook up.

A transcript of this episode is below.

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Episode transcript:

This is Dream Date number 12.


Last time we met, it was quite definitely a hook-up. There was no real doubt about that, except the usual waiting to see if we really would want to have sex with each other – if the sight and sound and smell of each other would set off the right reactions after all. I knew that you were horny and looking for sex; you knew that I was. We’d already exchanged messages about what kind of sex we usually liked and we’d signed off of the idea that it sounded like it could work. We had a good time, I remember. Afterwards, we spent some time talking and I started to think that you were someone I might like to get to know. I told you that you should get in touch if you were ever in town again. And then, the other day, out of the blue, you got in touch. And now we’re having coffee. Well, you’re having coffee. I’m having a really wretched green tea and trying to read your body language for clues about what you might think this is. So far, you have relentlessly not talked about any plans that you might have for the rest of the afternoon, or a person that you might be meeting up with straight after this, or… some partner or other that you’ve got yourself into some kind of exclusive, monogamous relationship with since… we… saw each other last time. And so, eventually, when the coffee and the tea have both been drunk and you’ve started tearing at one of the cardboard cup holders, I force myself to say: “So…” And you say: “So.” And I say: “Do you have any plans for the rest of the afternoon?” And you say: “Not really.” And I say: “Do you fancy getting out of here?” And you say: “Sure.” And I say: “Would you… like to come back to mine?” And you say: “OK.” And I say: “Does that mean yes, you would like to come back to mine? Just to be clear, I’m saying: do you want to come back to my flat and have sex with me?” And you smile and say: “Yeah. Yes. Sorry. I mean: yes, I would. I would like to go back to yours.” “And… maybe have sex?” “Yes. And probably have sex. Almost certainly have sex, if you’re up for it. Yes.” I say: “I’m sorry. I know I’m being a bit… It’s just that I’ve got it wrong in the past.” And you say: “Don’t worry about it.” And we both smile.

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