Museling 18 – Dream Date #6

Museling 18 – April 14th, 2018

The sixth Dream Date is set in a café.

A transcript of this episode is below.

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Episode transcript:

This is Dream Date number 6.


I make sure that I get to the café first, and I’ve found a table by the time you arrive. You spot me and come over, and I get up to give you a hug that lasts for about a minute. Your head is squashed against the top of my chest and I quite like that. You take off your coat, unwind your scarf and sit down. I get you a pot of tea while you’re doing that and put it down in front of you, together with a little metal jug of milk and some packets of sugar. I ask you if you want to talk and you shake your head. I put my hand on yours for a moment. Then I get my book out of my bag. I’m re-reading a collection of interviews with gay teenagers that I bought at a bookshop in Bologna in the very early 2000s – it had a tiny gay section full of Pasolini and erotica and one or two other strange things, including an account of famous gay love affairs between notable people, which was a hoot, and this collection of interviews, which, if I’m honest, is mostly the kind of writing that makes me cry. Every now and then I look over at you. Usually, when I look up, you’re looking out of the window, or else you’re taking sips of your tea with your eyes closed. At one point, you cross your arms in front of you on the table top and rest your head on them. I reach over and touch your shoulder, squeezing it very gently before taking my hand away again. A server comes over and asks us whether we’re planning to order any food and I tell him to buzz off.

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