Series 5

Series 5 trailer – December 6th, 2019

The fifth series of Muselings consists of three episodes, each between twelve and fifteen minutes long, that hark back to the early seasons of the podcast. They are solipsistic and autobiographical.

A transcript of the Series 5 trailer is below.

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Museling 32 – Speak out of Silence

Museling 33 – A Love to Leave Me Alone

Museling 34 – A Need for Nothing

Series 5 trailer transcript:

Hello, Charles Adrian here. There’s going to be another very short series of Muselings. And that’s it. That’s the tweet.

Haha! A joke there for Twitter users to show that I’m keeping up with the culture.

Anyway, that’s not… I mean, [it] has nothing to do with the next three Muselings, which make up season five of the podcast. It also feels pretty meaningless to describe these episodes as season five but, I mean, why not? It’s three episodes coming out in quick succession after a long time during which there have been no episodes so season five it is. And who knows, I might add episodes to the season later on – flesh it out, make it feel worth giving a name to. For now, though, it is just these three episodes and they start going out on Tuesday next week, which is the 10th of December. So there’ll be one on Tuesday the 10th, one on Tuesday the 17th and one on Tuesday the 24th. You know, it’s just some bits to listen to before Christmas if you’d like to. Not that… I mean, none of it has anything to do with Christmas or the end of the year or winter or anything in particular really. They just happen be ready so I’m putting them out from Tuesday right here on the feed. So, yeah, get ready for that, I guess.

I hope you’re all doing very well. Thank you so much for listening. Until Tuesday. Bye.

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