Series 3

Series 3 Trailer – April 8th, 2018

The third series of Muselings consists of fourteen Dream Dates: short pieces of audio between two and four minutes long about encounters or non-encounters that, while still solipsistic, are less rigorously autobiographical than previous Muselings.

Please feel free to mess with these episodes – remix them, rerecord them, provide background music or a soundscape, etc – and repost them with a link to this website and maybe a tweet to me (@charldrian) to let me know.

Fan art would also be most gratefully received.

If you would like to listen to all fourteen Dream Dates without interruption, they are collated as part of Museling 31.

A transcript of the Series 3 Trailer is below.

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Museling 13 – Dream Date #1

Museling 14 – Dream Date #2

Museling 15 – Dream Date #3

Museling 16 – Dream Date #4

Museling 17 – Dream Date #5

Museling 18 – Dream Date #6

Museling 19 – Dream Date #7

Museling 20 – Dream Date #8

Museling 21 – Dream Date #9

Museling 22 – Dream Date #10

Museling 23 – Dream Date #11

Museling 24 – Dream Date #12

Museling 25 – Dream Date #13

Museling 26 – Dream Date #14

Series 3 Trailer transcript:

Why do so many of us feel as though we need a partner as a salve for our self-esteem?

Hello. Charles Adrian here. Welcome to Dream Dates. This is going to be season three of my sporadic solipsistic podcast Muselings. There will be fourteen Dream Dates for now and they will be going out over the next fourteen days starting tomorrow. They’re very short episodes. They’re just little snacks, little amuses-bouche – amuses-oreille… oreille… ear… ear entertainment… well, all podcasts are ear entertainment… Sna… Ear snacks! Ear snacks. Yeah, obviously. Ear snacks.

Feel free to pitch in, by the way. By which I mean share the episodes on social media, tweet me about them, rate the podcast on iTunes, write blog posts in response to what I’ve made, I don’t know. But also, if you want to mess with these Dream Dates episodes – you know, download the audio and play with it, rerecord the text, give one of the episodes a musical score or a soundscape – please feel free. I would love that. I would just ask that you let me know and credit me – I mean, credit me appropriately, don’t credit me for your work, obviously – and link to, which is the website. Oh, and fan art would also be most gratefully received.

My name, as I said, is Charles Adrian. I’m on Twitter as @charldrian. This isn’t a Museling so it doesn’t get a number… or a jingle? No. No jingle either. It’s not an episode, it can’t have a jingle. It’s my podcast. I make the rules. So, to be clear, this is not an episode this is… this is just the introduction to the Dream Dates, which, as I say, will make up season three of Muselings, which starts tomorrow. You can find Muselings on iTunes or SoundCloud and, as I said, the website is

I think that’s everything.

[sound of microphone being turned off]

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