Museling 25 – Dream Date #13

Museling 25 – April 21st, 2018

The thirteenth Dream Date is about getting up and having a shower.

A transcript of this episode is below.

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Episode transcript:

This is Dream Date number 13.


I am in bed, under the covers, curled up on my side. You come in and take the duvet off the bed, then you lie down behind me and put your arms around my chest. I can feel the warmth of you against my back, and against the back of my legs. You kiss my shoulder and the back of my neck, nuzzling amongst the hair that grows there, and you say, softly: “You should get up and have a shower.”

Eventually, you persuade me to shift over to the side of the bed and you help me onto my feet, holding me for a moment against you. My head rests against your shoulder and I am dry-eyed. You lead me into the bathroom and turn on the shower, leaving me sitting on the side of the bath while you go back and change the sheets on our bed. You come back and you help me undress. We stand together under the water that falls like rain from the showerhead. I hold you, loosening my grip only when you start to soap my body.

You turn off the water and hand me a towel. I pat myself with it. When you have dried yourself, you come back to help me. You lead me back to our bedroom and, still naked, I get back into bed, between clean sheets.

Why is it that clean sheets are always so much firmer? Or… maybe what I mean is: Why it is that they soften so much around our bodies as we sleep on them?

I am grateful to you for changing the sheets. It makes me feel as though tomorrow might be a better day.

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